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At Cue Music we write music cues tailored to your needs.

We can help whether you need -

• Jingles, Sonic Branding for Advertising for TV and/or Internet - for example, we created a bespoke branded score to picture for the latest Purina/Felix TV advert

• Theme, Source, Score or Incidental music for TV Shows / Films - for example, we wrote the theme tune for ABC's Lateline and some source music for Disney/Pixar's 'Finding Dory'

• Music for Corporate videos or presentations - for example, we were commissioned to write a corporate anthem for Debenhams.

We have extensive experience in creating music in many genres, styles and formats

We use our international network of musicians and co-writers to ensure the highest quality of composition, playing and recording

This gives you a very high-quality product that perfectly matches your brief and is immediately cleared for licensing

Email David Sharp

APRIL 2017

Our video product “We’ll Get Our Numbers Right!!” - that helps children learn their times tables - has been released on Vimeo, Amazon and TCS here
Our Sonoton piece “Sports Summary” was used in All 4’s reality show “Tiny House Nation”.
Our Sonoton piece “Buffoons” was used on Australia’s Eleven network children's show “Totally Wild”.
Our Sonoton piece “Everyday Chat” was used on Australia’s Seven network's reality show “House Rules”.

Your Lyin’ Eyes” (Sonoton CD SCDV 282) has been used on Disney Pixar's “Finding Dory” as well as CBS/A&E “Unforgettable"
"Sports Headlines” (Sonoton SCDV 398) has been used on "BT Sports”, “Fox Sports News”, CBC’s “Road To The Olympic Games” and ABC’s “The 7.30 Report". “Letting Go” (Synctracks) was used on Channel 5’s “In Therapy"
We have been working with the Young Urban Arts Foundation helping to raise awareness of mental health and engineered their Christmas song -


"Everyday Chat” (Sonoton) was used on the Australian Reality series “The Block” on the Nine Network
"Only You” (Synctracks) was used on C4’s “The World’s Strongest Man”
I Think It Must Be Love” (Sonoton) was used on Finnish TV’s “Glimt av Norge” or a glimpse of Norway
Our Felix TV Ad - has been appearing on MTV, VH1, Sky, More4, ITV, C4 and Channel 5

MAY 2016

"Deck The Halls” and "Luxury Christmas” (from our Synctracks Christmas collection) were used on BBC1’s “Home Comforts At Christmas” with James Martin "Coming Home Again” (DeWolfe) was used on Seven Network's “My Kitchen Rules Australia”
Celebration” (Synctracks) was used on Spike TV’s “World’s Strongest Man”
"No Stopping Us" (Sonoton) was used on “Rick Mercer Report” CBC Canada

Our new Felix Sensations Extras TV ad is also on YouTube (in German) with nearly 700,000 views so far

We have produced videos to accompany our “We’ll Get Our Numbers Right !!” product to help kids learn their tables. It is now being used by two schools ---

MARCH 2016

We have supplied bespoke music for the latest Purina/Felix Television advert for their new cat food product "Sensations Extras" via Cord. The piece entitled "Hidden Touches" was written to picture and is an adaption/arrangement of "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin. This advert has already been broadcast during ITV's recent documentary on "The Story Of Cats - Episode 3 - The Super Cats" March 2016. You can see this ad on our Video page

Our second internet advert for Purina/Cord entitled "Why Do Cats Make the Best Alarm Clocks" has now generated over 2.1 million views, 756 likes, 474 shares and driven 28 subscriptions making it No 3 in popularity on the Purina Felix's YouTube channel

We have created a new musical product to help kids learn their times tables entitled "We'll Get Our Numbers Right !!". More information can be found on our facebook page or on our learning site


"Clowning About" (Sonoton SCDV 399) was used on BBC1's "The One Show"
"Another Day" (Sonoton SCDV 283) was used on NBC's "Dateline"
"News Launch" (Sonoton SCDV 398) was used on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"
"Festa" (Sonoton SCDV 282) was used on Discovery Channel's "Deadly Women"
"College Girls" (Sonoton SCD 802) was used on CBC's "Hockey Night In Canada"
Our Sonoton tracks "Steamroller" and "Your Lyin' Eyes" were used on TV ads as was our de Wolfe track "Hitting Headlines"
Our de Wolfe tracks "Fine Day" and "Living The Dream" were used on Radio ads as were our Sonoton tracks "Life Science" and "Sports Headlines"
We were very happy to work with the Mayhew Animal Home to provide the music for their 2015 year round up film. This film was presented at their fundraiser "Tinsel and Tails" in December 2015.


Our second Felix Cat Food ad for Purina/Cord entitled "Why do Cats Make the Best Alarm Clocks" has generated 1.7 million views, 220 shares, 300 likes and 11 subscriptions to their channel in just over a month -

Our Sonoton tracks "Good Time" and "I'll Make You Mine" (SCDV 283) were used on "Restaurant Impossible" an American reality TV series on the Food Network. "I'll Make You Mine" was also used on Esquire Network's "Best Bars in America"

Our DeWolfe piece "Beautiful Moments" (DeWolfe CD 0471) was used on TVO Canada's children's programme "Gisele's Big Backyard"

Our SyncTracks piece "Happy Days" was used on Channel 5's "Baby Faced Brides" - a new documentary on couples getting married as teenagers.

In addition, our DeWolfe tracks "Bright Future", "Fine Day", "Hitting Headlines", "Places To Go" and "Up To Mischief" were used on radio adverts and our Sonoton pieces "Illegal Love", "Rock Harder" and "Steamroller" were used on TV adverts


As mentioned in the last News entry, we supplied the music ("Feline Mischief") for Cord/Purina's Youtube ad for Felix Cat Food entitled "How To Please Your Cat" (see videos) -
In just three weeks it generated 1.2 million views, 112 shares, 100 likes and drove 15 subscriptions to their channel.

We have also been commissioned for another Felix Cat Food Internet ad for Purina/Cord entitled "Why do Cats Make the Best Alarm Clocks". The music is called "Action Cat", now published by Cord and again an adaptation of "The Entertainer" adapted/arranged by David Sharp, mixed by Marco Martini. This new ad is on our Video/Adverts page and can be found on YouTube -

We are also pleased to report that Debenhams are using their "Life Made Fabulous Anthem" (composed exclusively for them by Cue Music) for their "on-hold music" touch point

Our tracks have been included in various TV and radio adverts and promotions including Ramada Hotels, Premiere Inn Hotels as well as Audi and McDonalds In addition. Our track "Sports Headlines" (SCDV 398) was used as part of a Corporate promotional video for Layher - the world's largest manufacturer of scaffolding systems (see videos).

Our Sonoton track "Good Time" (Sonton SCDV 283) was used on "Quick Pitch" on the USA MLB Network - "Quick Pitch" is a show centred on showing highlights of baseball games.

We were happy to be involved with Linda Hoyle's latest album "The Fetch" (Released 7th August 2015 by Angel Air and Produced by Mo Foster). We contributed some sound design elements.

MAY 2015

We were commissioned by CORD ( to write a composition for Purina, part of Nestle, for their Felix Cat food. The music is called "Feline Mischief" and is now published by CORD (a Cutting Edge company). The advert is included on our Video/Adverts page and was released on Youtube and Facebook. The music, based on Scott Joplin's "Entertainer", was arranged/adapted by David Sharp and mixed by Marco Martini.

We were commissioned to create Voiceovers for an English language course scheduled to be released in Brazil. We recorded both adult and child voices for this assignment.

APRIL 2015

"Another Day"
(Sonoton SCDV 283) was used on NBC's "Today Show" in the US
"Good Time" (Sonoton SCDV 283) was used on Seven Network's "Today Tonight" in Australia

"No Stopping Us" (Sonoton SCDV 282) was used extensively for promos for a host of TV shows in the US on CBS, BRAVO, FOX, NBC, MTV, VH1, SYFY, SPIKE, ABC, TURNER NETWORK, TRUTV, COMEDY CENTRAL, HISTORY CHANNEL, DISCOVERY CHANNEL and ANIMAL PLANET

"Be At One" (Sonoton SCDV 399), "Bright Future" (De Wolfe CD 0206), "Fine Day" (De Wolfe CD DWCOM 04) were used on a radio adverts

"College Girls", "Illegal Love" & "Rock Harder" (Sonoton SCD 802) were used on TV adverts

MARCH 2015
We acted as a TV Music Production Consultant on Martin Sutton's (The Song Writing Academy) course on "How To Make Money From Your Music"

Just finished a Berklee Music course on writing Jingles, Theme Tunes and Library Music - see our MUSIC page for some Jingle/Voiceover examples


Working with Cue Music, Udell Group have created their new production - "Alignment - Mind" - which will be released in April 2015. This is the second in a series of five productions to help create the conditions for greater success and fulfilment. We created the music to accompany Laurence Udell's voice and recorded the voiceover. A special thanks to Mal McDonald for his musical input.

We were commissioned by ABC Australia to re-write the Lateline theme tune - ie our De Wolfe piece "Hitting Headlines". ABC wanted to amend the piece to support the programme's new emphasis on news analysis versus news reporting. The new mix went live with the new show and its new titles in March on ABC - see in video section under Theme Tunes - Lateline 2015 [pending]. Our thanks to Marco Martini for engineering and mixing the final versions.


Notable TV syncs included:- "I'll Make You Mine" (Sonoton SCDV 283) was used on "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives" on the Food Network (USA)
"Good Time" (Sonoton SCDV 283) was used on "MLB Tonight" - the signature show on the MLB Network (USA)
"Another Day" (Sonoton SCDV 283) was used on "Marriage Boot Camp" (USA)
"Your Lyin' Eyes" (Sonoton CD SCDV 282) was used on "Portlandia" (USA)
In addition, our DeWolfe tracks "Internal Workings", "Rosie Lee" & "Up To Mischief" were used on Radio Ads


Our track "Your Lyin' Eyes" (Sonoton CD SCDV 282) was used on CBS's well known police drama series "NCIS" in the US
Our song "I'm Still In Love With You" (Sonoton CD SCDV 282) was used on Australia's "Big Brother"
"Things Are Changing" (Sonoton CD SCDV 283) was used on Australia's Network 10 "The Bachelor" dating reality show
"Sausalito" (Sonoton CD SCDV 282) was used on "16x9", a current affairs programme on Canada's Global Network
Our song "Another Day" (Sonoton CD SCDV 283) was used on "Houston Beauty", a reality TV series on the Oprah Winfrey Network

Other notable TV show syncs included:-
- Hitting Headlines (DWCD 0224) was used as the theme tune to BBC ALba's "Rathad An Referendum"a documentary series focusing on the recent Scottish Independence referendum
- Lark About (Synctracks) was used on ITV's "Road Rage Britain"
- Our song "Find The Perfect Fit" (Sonoton CD SCDV 282) was used on "The Getaway", a travel documentary TV series on Esquire Network

In addition:-
- Our DeWolfe tracks "Bright Future", "Fine Day", "Hourly Report" and "Places To Go" all featured on radio adverts
- Our Sonoton tracks "College Girls", "Illegal Love", "Rock Harder" and "Steam Roller" all featured on TV adverts
- Our Sonoton tracks "I'll Make You Mine" and "Steamroller" were used on film trailers

JULY 2014

Our track "Letting Go" (Synctracks - Sad & Reflective Moods) was used on Channel 5's "The Lost Orphan" - see Video page
Our track "Another Day" (Sonoton SCDV 283 "Now & Then") was used on Fox8's "Australia's Next Top Model" and Channel 9's "A Current Affair"
Our track "Find The Perfect Fit" (Sonoton SCDV 282 "Now & Then") was used on Channel 9's "A Current Affair"
Our Dewolfe tracks "All The Way", "Bright Future", "Hourly Report" and "Internal Workings" were used on radio adverts
Our track "Sports Summary" (Sonoton SCDV 398 "Sync Cues 1") was used at SAP's 2014 Summits for Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail
APRIL 2014

"Another Day" (Sonoton SCDV 283 "Now & Then") was used on "Native Affairs", Maori Television's flagship current affairs show in New Zealand. "Good Time" & "I'll Make You Mine" (Sonoton SCDV 283 "Now & Then") were used on "Dallas Car Sharks" Velocity (Discovery). "Love Takes Time" & "No Stopping Us" (Sonoton SCDV 282 "Now & Then") were used on Travel Channel's "Bizarre Food America". "Bright Future", "Positive Life" and "The Opportunity" (DeWolfe) were used on radio commercials. "College Girls", "Illegal Love" and "Steamroller" (Sonoton) were used on TV Ads.

Our new collection of music entitled "Sync Cues", Parts 1 and 2 has been released by Sonoton Music GmbH & Co. KG as double CD library collection. Composed, arranged and produced by David Sharp and Marco Martini, these pieces feature a host of live players including Steve Riley, Mo Foster, Andrew Synowiec, Steve Geere, Stephanie Mair, Mal McDonald, Roberto Manzin, Tim Fisher & Russell Oxley.
Sonoton will distribute the collection via Imagem in the UK, APM in USA and BeatBox in Australia.
You can listen to the tracks at these links -
Sync Cues 1 - SCDV 398 - "A collection of contemporary visual instrumentals featuring live instruments and performances, packaged as catchy theme sets and vibey underscores covering news, action, and sports in day and night time TV"
Sync Cues 2 - SCDV 399 - "A collection of contemporary visual instrumentals featuring live instruments and performances, packaged as catchy theme sets and vibey underscores covering all sorts of fun, vacations, children, comedy and documentary scenes."

Udell Group's new CD has been released - "Alignment - Soul - Create the conditions for even greater success and fulfilment" - featuring compositions by Cue Music and Mal McDonald. Available as a CD or MP3 -
We have just published a new collection of library pieces with Sonoton. Called "Sync Cues" these were co-written with producer/mixer Marco Martini and are contemporary "picture friendly" instrumentals featuring real instruments and performers, packaged as catchy theme tunes and vibey underscores for TV, Film, Video, Corporate, Advertising and Promotional use. They will shortly be available through, APM (US), BeatBox (Australia) and Imagem (UK) and are shown on our Latest Pieces page.

Our track "Another Day" from Sonoton CD SCDV 283 "Now & Then" was used on NBC's Dateline in the US
Our track "Dreamaker" from Dewolfe DWCD 0261 "Pumping Energy" was used by CNN International in the US
Our track "Letting Go" from Synctracks' "Sad & Reflective Moods" was used by Channel 5's Cowboy Traders

The Debenhams anthem, created by Cue Music, was used for the Debenhams 2013 Year Review Corporate Presentation - see it on our Video page.
Coming soon - Udell Group's amazing new CD - we co-wrote the music with Mal McDonald -
Katherine Nader’s web promo(s) for her book “The Deadly Mark” including our track “Destiny” have been released – see the videos - |

Our track "Your Lyin' Eyes" (Sharp/Paterno) from our Sonoton CD SCDV 282 "Now & Then" with the legendary Mo Foster on upright bass & brush drums was used on TOP GEAR Season 19, Episode 2 - about 3 minutes in. It will also be on the DVD ! It's a classic example of how source music can perfectly infer location and mood.
Our track "All The Way" (Essential Lifestyle Dewolfe CD 0579) was used on BBC One's "Total Wipeout" with Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram and will be part of the Total Wipeout Season 5 Celebrity Special DVD released last year.
The Debenhams anthem, created by Cue Music, was used at the Debenhams 200th Anniversary Charity Ball - see it on our Video page.
Our tracks "I Believe In Love" and "I Think It Must Be Love" from our Sonoton SCDV 282/283 were used in UK Shopping and Promotional videos.
JULY 2013

"I Think It Must Be Love" and "I Believe In Love" (published by Sonoton) were used on a Saga Holidays information video (see Video page). We also doubled as the music supervisor for this work.
"Illegal Love" (published by Sonoton) was used on John Goodman's "Best Food Ever" and SYFY's reality show "Face Off"
"Good Time" & "Hot City Babe" (published by Sonoton) and "Places To Go" (published by DeWolfe) were all used on Radio Adverts
"Letting Go" (published by Synctracks) was used on Channel 5's Cowboy Builders with Dom Littlewood and Melinda Messenger
We are currently working with a large UK Business Consultancy on a CD release including specially composed orchestral and world music - more later !!
We have just finished a new collection of 19 themes for TV, Film, Advertising, Video and Corporate which we co-wrote with Producer Marco Martini - more later !!
We have been working with some very talented people to help them improve the quality of their productions including help with all aspects of the creative cycle from Composition to Mastering.
APRIL 2013

"Wish List" (Synctracks), "Belfast Special" (Sonoton SCD 802 Rock & Pop - The 80s to Present) and "The Gentle Hero Rises" (Sharp/Lehane) was used on ITV1's "The British Animal Honours" with Paul O'Grady
"I Think It Must Be Love" ( Sonoton SCDV 282 - NOW AND THEN - Songs & Instrumental - Part 1) was used on an Advert for a German dating site -
"Coming Home Again" (DeWolfe CD 0491 Essential Daytime) was used on ITV1's "Holiday Home Sweet Home"
"Rosie Lee" (DeWolfe CD 0471 Smile) was used on Jiu Xiang Lai Zhu Ni or Down With Love, a Taiwanese drama series

"Nation to Nation" (DeWolfe CD 0224 Media Power) was used on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC)"
"Illegal Love" (Sonoton SCD 802 Rock & Pop - The 80s to Present) was used on "Steven and Chris (CBC)" a Canadian daytime TV show broadcast by CBC TV and reportedly watched by 1 in 5 of all Canadians
"Trial by Media" (DeWolfe CD 0224) was used on "The Clash Of The Gods (History Channel)"
"See You In My Fantasy" (Sonoton SCD 802) was used on "Come Dine WIth Me - South Africa"
"Rosie Lee" (DeWolfe CD 0471 Smile) was used on "Occupation Double (TVA)" a Canadian reality TV Show
"Positive Rock" (DeWolfe Inter Angel) was used for a ITV3 advert for Nude By Nature
"Beautiful Moments" (DeWolfe CD 0471) was used on "Promesse" a French short documentary

Sonoton have just released two albums of songs designed for TV and Film written by Cue Music and our co-writers from around the world NOW AND THEN - Songs & Instrumental - Part 1 - SCDV 282 - Classic and popular moods & musical styles through the decades - instrumentals and vocals in modern recordings. 1940s - 1970s
NOW AND THEN - Songs & Instrumental - Part 2 - SCDV 283 - Classic and popular moods & musical styles through the decades - instrumentals and vocals in modern recordings. 1980s - 2010s.
You can hear these songs via Sonoton - or Imagen in the UK - or APM in the US -

The Debenhams Anthem was used at corporate events and conferences as well as part of a corporate video celebrating their last year's activities - see video section (Debenhams - year in review). This has already been shown to over 2000 investors/stakeholders. We have also created an information video entitled "The Making of the Debenhams Anthem", also in the video section
We have been commissioned by Debenhams to create an anthem for their corporate events - see video and music sections. We are creating Contemporary and Classical versions using a host of very talented musicians
Created music for a book trailer for Katherine Nader's "The Deadly Mark" to be released through IUniverse
JULY 2012
New quirky/fun/ukulele tracks released in Synctracks. Co-written with Mo Foster. Lark About, Wish List, Building Blocks & Mosey Home
Created original music for Citi's Audit Methodology films/corporate videos
JUNE 2012

A collection of 18 of our source music songs have been published by Sonoton in Germany for marketing into Hollywood films. “Shine” was used on an Internet advert for an new IBook – Ducati Passion. We have been involved in the Engineering and Co-Producing with Mo Foster for Angel Air’s new release “Affinity – The Baskervilles Reunion: 2011” SJPCD398 also available on Itunes

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