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Our ethos ...
We are specialists in composing music for media with many credits on TV shows & films
We place great importance on using real performers and real instruments to keep our production values as high as possible. To achieve this, we have developed a network of well-known and trusted session players including:-
Steve Riley (US) for drums | Mo Foster (UK) for bass | Jerry Stevenson (UK) for guitars | Andrew Synowiec (US) for guitars
Roberto Manzin (UK) for sax | Tim Fisher (Australia) for brass | Steve Geere for pianos/keyboards | Dean Dyson (UK) for vocals
We also maintain a good working relationship with music producers, arrangers, engineers, mixers and some of the top London recording studios

Composition ...
We use a number of different composers dependent on the client's requirements and can produce authentic music in the following genres:-
Rock, Acoustic Rock, Indie Rock
Brit Pop, College Rock, Alternative Rock
Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Post Punk
R&B/Pop, Jazz, Chart Pop, Folk and Country
Cinematic Atmospheric/Orchestral
Soundalike, style-alike
Children's, Youth and Kids'
Daytime TV, Leisure and Lifestyle
Business News, Current Affairs & Politics
Science, Technology & Industry
Holiday, Travel & Vacation
Positive, Feel Good, Upbeat & Optimistic
Dance, Electronica, Ambient & Chill Out

Our primary composer/music supervisor is David Sharp (UK) who has 15 years experience in the industry and more than 140 pieces published across many different genres by Sonoton, DeWolfe and Synctracks

What our clients say ...

Each time I listen to your music it really touches me on so many levels and also vibrates quality, professional, soulful and clearly a master at his craft has created this, brilliant, well done and thank you!"
- Laurence Udell - Chairman, Udell Group

The Lateline theme is widely regarded as the best TV news theme in this country so the thanks are to you David
- Joanne Puccini, Supervising Producer Lateline, ABC Australia

David, it was great to work with you and I love the themes you created for us. Thanks for being so responsive to our requests and for delivering the results so fast
- Pearse Lehane, Exec Producer, British Animal Honours

Writing music for television is always a selfless task for a composer and writing for an international audience is even more tricky. It was an absolute pleasure to work with David on BBC World’s African Cup of Nations. He responded well to the brief, was patient with all our requests and fully captured the excitement and build up to the event – a great campaign!
- Thea Cole, Creative Head, Red Bee Media

“Yes I put them on the record player and they are just what the Doctor ordered! They fit the brief very well, sound good and should be a useful addition. Thank you for all the work you put in to create them.”
- Warren DeWolfe – MD of deWolfe Music and Angel Recording Studios

“Having worked with David for a number of years now, his ability to get to the heart of a brief quickly, and comfortably nail exactly what his client is after, explains his successes so far. Always a pleasure Dave, see you soon”
- Niall John Acott – Recording Engineer, NJA Audio

“Hey David – great work here – you really wrestled this to the ground – what you’ve done is capture the hope in the scene and left us with a message that is actually more positive than pleading – tough to do”
- Brad Hatfield – Berkleemusic Professor – tutor for ‘Songwriting for Film and TV’

“Yes, you did nail this – and you did it by capturing the prime elements with your own twist that took it far enough away from the original to dispel any copyright issues”
- Brad Hatfield – Berkleemusic Professor – tutor for ‘Songwriting for Film and TV’

“Hey David, right from the first listen I knew it was spot on. That is an incredible talent you have and I wish you all the best with it”
- Music Supervisor

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