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ROCK AND POP – The 80s to Present
SCD 802
NOW AND THEN – Songs and Instrumentals
Part 1 – SCDV 282
NOW AND THEN – Songs and Instrumentals
Part 2 – SCDV 283
Listen here - tracks are Rock Harder, Steamroller, Don't Hold Up, Belfast Special, Illegal Love, College Girls, See You in my Fantasy, Gentle Bed Listen here - tracks are I Think it Must be Love, Hot City Babe, Your Lyin' Eyes, No Stopping Us, Find the Perfect Fit, I'm Still in Love with You, Love Takes Time, Sausalito, Festa Listen here - tracks are Another Day, Good Time, This Precious Faith I Keep, I'll Make You Mine, I Believe in Love, Things are Changing
Listen here - tracks are Sports Headlines, Sports In Action, Sports In Summary, News Countdown, Latest Headlines, News Launch, Daytime Chat, Late Night Chat,Everyday Chat Listen here - tracks are Fun Day Out, Clowning About, Potter About, Cake and Balloons, Buffoons, Rising Above, Be At One, Life Science  

DeWolfe Music Ltd

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TV Grooves - Daytime and Leisure Time
Essential Lifestyle
DWCD 0579
Essential Daytime
DWCD 0491
Listen here - tracks are Living The Dream, Time To Move On, Time Of Day Listen here - one track, 'All the Way' Listen here - tracks are Places to Go, Never Giving Up, Coming Home Again
DWCD 0471
Media Power
DWCD 0224
Future Achievements
DWCD 0253
Listen here - tracks are Off to the Park, Up to Mischief, Beautiful Moments, Rosie Lee Listen here - tracks are Nation to Nation, Trial by Media, World Service, Hourly Report Listen here - tracks are Future Achievements, Setting the Pace, Seeing the Future, Building the Vision
Christmas Explosion
DWCD 0262 (A & B)
The Positive Feeling
DWCD 0206
Listen here - tracks are Truly Medley Christmas, West Coast Christmas, Silent Night (arr), Christmas Friends Listen here - tracks are Bright Futures, Believe in Yourself, Looking Forward, No Turning Back  

Synctracks Music Library
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Tracks include - Wish List, Lark About, Mosey Home, Building Blocks
Deck the Halls, Auld Lang Syne, God Rest, Fun Festive Fun, Snowflakes, Joyful Christmas, Christmas Stocking
Only You, Pleased to Meet You, Time for You, Celebrate, Total Bliss, Light as Air
Power Drive, Electrocute, Tell Me Why, Letting Go

Angel Air
Affinity – The Baskervilles Reunion: 2011 SJPCD398
Engineered and Co-Produced with Mo Foster |


Alignment - Soul |

Alignment - Mind

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